Keeping Novelty Socks Clean

We’ve all seen them in stores: wearing funky socks that have bows or fuzzy noses, or light up, or play music when you push a button. They look fun on the rack, and they’re fun when you first put them on, but then there’s a problem. Most people tend to forget about this and will wear their favourite socks day in and day out, but we are afraid to be the ones to say so, as your socks need washing.

Socks go on your feet and inside your shoes. Feet that are inside of socks and shoes tend to sweat. This means that as you walk around and go about your day, showing off your awesome novelty socks, your socks are getting sweaty and dirty. It’s often tough to part ways with your socks while they are cleaned and the sooner you can be reunited.

By the end of the day, most people need to wash their socks. But you’ve been wearing fancy novelty socks – little Rudolph’s with fluffy red puff balls for noses. How do you get those clean?

The answer is – carefully. Don’t put off washing them; the longer they sit with dirt and sweat on them, the less likely they are to come completely clean. Wash them as soon as possible after you take them off.

If they aren’t particularly smelly or dirty, you can hand wash them in the sink. This works to protect delicate fabrics and add-ons but won’t get the socks as clean as if you put them in a washing machine. Make sure to turn them inside out before you wash them, even in the sink.

If you need to use the washing machine, either because the socks are very dirty or you don’t have time to hand wash and dry your socks, you can turn them inside out and wash them inside a garment bag. A garment bag will keep anything attached to the sock from snagging and will also keep your other clothing from wrapping around your special socks and damaging them.

Keep your fancy novelty socks looking special by caring for them properly. An added advantage of using a garment bag is that your socks will stay together and remain clean. There is nothing worse than losing your favourite pair of socks to the washing machine.