Make Friends With Someone Who Wears Funky Socks And Get Inspired

Do you make friends with people who wear funky socks? It’s not like you’re going to judge someone by his or her socks, but the point is you have to think that people that wear funky socks are a lot of fun. It’s time to loosen up a little and relax, not caring what others think about your appearance, right?

Maybe you will wear some funky socks, too. Let’s be clear, by funky; I don’t mean smelly. In all seriousness, there are so many types of new socks that people wear. There is a headline I just noticed that says people wearing these types of socks are more successful, brilliant and creative. Is that true?

I don’t think that socks say that much about a person, but it’s all in fun. It does say something about creativity and people’s willingness to conform. It’s stylistic moves like this that aren’t considered so strange anymore. It’s great that people are encouraged more often to think outside the box these days. Making friends with someone who wears funky socks is one way to get inspired to think outside the box as for sure.

While we have jobs to do in a somewhat structured society, sometimes businessmen and businesswomen need a break. Perhaps one way to shake things up a little is having fun with buy funky socks. I mean, I know I would compliment my friend if I noticed he or she was wearing a pair of these socks. And there are so many different styles that you can pick a different couple for each day of the week.

Think about it that means you wouldn’t be wearing the same boring pair of socks every day. Maybe next you could go for a funky tie or some fashionable shoes. It’s not really about wearing funky socks because quite frankly, a lot of people are doing that. You can still find a unique pair. What it’s really about is being yourself and not thinking that you have to conform to societal standards when it comes to every single aspect of life.

We can’t all go rogue with everything either. That is why something like funky socks would be a good idea as a breakaway from the norm. It’s something simple, not a huge move. It’s fun, and so make friends with someone who wears funky socks and get inspired. Loosen up a little and get out there and have some fun.

We love to see friends who not only wear the same or similar socks, but can get the courage to really show off their feet and send us photos of the types of socks they have on. Now this can be embarrassing sometimes, but we truly do advocate for the free sock movement and if you’re interested in being famous for an extra five minutes, then definitely join us on this venture. Not only will you be able to receive a hefty sum of extra socks, but you will also go into the weekly giveaway competition which we hold for those who are the most loyal to us.