Monaghan Website Design Guide

Websites have evolved tremendously over the last ten to fifteen years. People no longer consider their websites as just some expensive brochure that lives online and now understand that their website represents them entirely.

With properly positioned and optimised websites receiving thousands of visitors every month your website will engage with (either positively or negatively), and interact with more potential customers for your products and services than any business owner or salesman ever could.

And so, the understanding of what an intelligently designed website must achieve has evolved considerably. To find out more about the design features that we recommend your website incorporates, read below:

Keep it simple – design must not be allowed to interrupt how your website communicates with your potential customers. Do not hide your phone number, address or other relevant contact details behind scroll functions or pop-ups. Always make it as simple as possible for people to get in touch with you to become your customer.

Understand your messagecommunicate that message in a way that is easy for others to understand. Be direct, and tell people what you do. Important things are to list your services at the top of the page, above the fold so that it is easy for potential customers to navigate to the services page that they are most interested in.

Don’t forget Google – Google is a bit like a big airport terminal where the airplanes are like websites, and the people conducting searches on Google are like passengers trying to find their plane.

In the same way that an airplane must carry certain markings and identification numbers to allow the airport to guide the correct passengers onto the plane, so your website must be properly labelled to allow Google to guide people with an interest for your services to your website.

Too many think that once the website has been designed that they are finished, and forget to properly label their website. Then when no one shows they cannot understand why.

Understanding how a website must be labelled in order to attract visitors is a skill in itself, and is frequently beyond the understanding of most web designers, and so we recommend that you engage the services of a reputable SEO company.

The article above has been contributed by Web Design Monaghan, widely regarded as Ireland’s leading web design and digital marketing service.